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Huawei P10

This phone can LITERALLY be customised for anyone

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When searching for a new smartphone, it’s all too easy to get drawn in by the sleek, shiny designs and impressive sounding specs. However, it’s the user experience you’ll be most exposed to while living with the device, so looking beyond the camera’s megapixels, processor speed, and screen resolution is essential to ensuring you get the best phone for you.

Ticking all the right boxes, software is where Huawei’s devices come into their own. Take the Huawei P10 for example. Yes, its thin metal body and Hyper Diamond-cut finishing are all sorts of gorgeous and its Leica rear and front cameras and high-powered Kirin 960 processor are hugely impressive additions, but its EMUI 5.1 is the phone’s secret weapon.

Built around an Android 7.0 Nougat core, EMUI 5.1 and the 5.0 version before it are a complete refresh of the global smartphone giant’s customised Android UI. An evolution of an already impressive platform, it’s a feature-rich addition that transforms a great phone into a truly must-own device. What makes it so special? Well, there’s all this for a start.


Huawei’s EMUI 5.1 has been built with you in mind. Not a collective ‘you’ covering every generic smartphone owner going, but you specifically as an individual, and your own unique needs.

EMUI 5.1 has been developed for an international audience by a team operating across all corners of the globe, from France and America, to China and Russia. The result is a user experience that’s been designed to fit seamlessly into the life of anyone who uses it – and it also delivers features and solutions that solve common pain points.

Customisation is key to this, and EMUI 5.1 offers plenty of it. Every level of the software can be tweaked and tuned to fit your needs, from the ‘Themes’ store that lets you pick a look to suit your mood, to the ability to seamlessly switch from a traditional Android-style app drawer set-up to a more iOS-style icon-based home screen view that puts all your apps on various home pages.

You can even customise how you interact with the phone, with EMUI 5.1 letting you add input options to the fingerprint sensor, as well as reorganise the arrangement of the navigational soft keys. Whatever you want to adjust you can, transforming the interface to meet your specific taste.

Making all these customisations, just like finding any of the interface’s features, is pleasingly simple. EMUI 5.1 isn’t just an Android skin, it’s an optimised version of the OS, designed to be cleaner, faster and more user friendly than the original. And it works; the platform is a joy to use.

It’s not just the visible features that make EMUI 5.1 so great either. There’s also plenty going on behind the scenes to keep your mobile experience, and your day, running smoothly and without hiccups.

An example of this is the stability of the platform’s connectivity. Huawei’s devices with EMUI 5.1 have been shown to be much quicker devices to go from airplane mode to standard, connected use, and they have a faster, more stable cellular connection than the competition especially in weak signal conditions.

Huawei P10

A feature rich UI is one thing, but function without form can only go so far. Thankfully, here, Huawei has paired impressive, unrivalled abilities with a design that’s as easy on the eye as it is friendly to use.

Giving weight to both aesthetics and usability, EMUI 5.1 has been given a cleaner, more simple and “alive” look and feel, with the software based around a beautiful blend of blue and white colours that reflect the Greek Isles. It’s a pleasant, subtly sophisticated look and one that can be further attuned to your own personal style.

This sophisticated refinement isn’t restricted to the software’s look either. Instead, it runs through the very core of the user experience and is what helps ensure that 90% of core operations can be completed in three steps or fewer. It is software that constantly finds ways to make your life easier, be it by letting you delete or reply to messages directly from the notification panel, or giving you the ability to switch incoming calls to the background even when not on the lock screen.

This design is about more than helping you achieve what you want, too. It’s also about ensuring you no longer have to deal with the accidental actions you’d rather avoid.

While all other smartphone owners will on occasion find themselves hammering the back button to undo unwanted screen selections, the software on Huawei’s handsets intelligently analyse every screen press or virtual button selection. Thanks to EMUI 5.1, they can then determine with startling levels of accuracy if a selection was intended, or an accidental glancing blow. You might not be acutely aware that you’re facing less accidental presses, but you will be.

EMUI 5.1-enabled experiences aren’t limited to what’s at the end of your fingertips either. Knuckle gestures, for example, are a unique way of communicating with your phone. You can open specific apps from the lock screen simply by drawing pre-assigned letters with your knuckle. Want more? You got it, your finger joints can also be used to capture precise screen shots or even screen recordings.


There’s a reason why EMUI 5.1 works so well, giving devices like the Huawei P10 a distinct edge over other smartphones. As Huawei is just one of three smartphone manufacturers that build its own hardware, chipsets, and software, the UI has been finely tuned to make the most out of the Kirin 960 processor.

This creates a phone with a uniquely balanced user experience. With both components of the phone having been designed specifically with the other in mind, EMUI 5.1 offers a smoother, more optimised user experience than the software on rival handsets.

This is made possible by utilising Smart Memory Allocation, Dynamic CPU Distribution and Storage Optimisation. These three features work together with Huawei’s own Machine Learning Algorithm to better distribute the phone’s power and resources.

Lightweight apps run on the processor’s smaller cores, reserving the grunt of the big cores for more demanding programs. EMUI can determine which apps to prioritise on the power front, resulting in a phone that works effortlessly, no matter what you throw at it.

EMUI 5.1 isn’t just fast, it’s smart too. The platform utilises machine learning to develop an understanding of how you use the software, recognising user behaviors to determine where to best redistribute power, avoid device slowdown and ensure you’re given optimal performance at all times.

This machine learning can be used to speed up not just your interactions, but the phone itself. Helping determine which apps to give priority, it stops background applications causing your phone to slow down and, thanks to Huawei Ultra Response, provides a smoother UX thanks to predictive finger tracking and parallel graphic rendering.

Battery life is another beneficiary of these EMUI 5.1 smarts. By optimising the phone’s performance, EMUI 5.1 along with SmartPower 5.0 can improve battery efficiency by 7%. That’s an extra 2-3 hours of staying power put in your pocket every day, more than enough to handle your commute-based gaming sessions or weekend hammering of the camera app and social media browsing.

Smart, stylish, stable and seriously speedy, EMUI 5.1 has everything going for it. It’s also the most secure user interface, running the world’s first SoC to include all-round, bank-grade security.

Keeping your device, and all of your data secure, your Huawei phone’s security skills go beyond the chip, with everything from your communications and app security, to privacy and digital payments covered. There’s even a built-in virus scanner for enhanced app security, and real-time SMS scanning that can weed out phishing scams and harmful viruses before they can do damage.

With all this propping it up, EMUI 5.1 is more than just software. It’s one of Huawei’s secret weapons, designed just for you so you’ll never want to put it down.