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Huawei SuperCharge

Huawei SuperCharge: Super smart, super fast, super cool, super safe

Promotional Feature by Huawei

Hands up if you’d be lost without your smartphone? All of you? Yeah, we thought so. It’s not just the fear of a misplaced handset or the horror of rushing out to work only to realise you’ve left your device on your dresser that’s worrying though. Time spent charging is time when your smartphone is either unavailable, or isn’t as accessible as you’d like. It needn’t be that way though.

With devices such as the Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei P10, global smartphone giant Huawei gives you the chance to do away with lengthy recharge times, and keep your phone in your hand more of the time. It does this thanks to its Huawei SuperCharge technology.

Rather than letting you shave a few measly minutes off your recharge times, Huawei SuperCharge takes charging speed to unprecedented levels. We’re talking the ability to reach a day of use after just 30 minutes connected to the mains. Seriously. It will truly revolutionise how you use your phone.

Speed for speed’s sake isn’t the answer though. Fortunately, Huawei, with its impressive SuperCharge technology has realised this. Yes, speedy recharge times are key, but only when it is paired with efficiency and safety is it really useful. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the SuperCharge fast charging technology offers.


As smartphones have physically grown in size, adding ever more power-hungry displays and battery-sapping features, charging times have steadily increased. Fast charging technologies, however, have seen these times tumble again, letting you keep your phone in hand virtually all of the time. Given that a recent study found that most of us use our phones roughly a third of the time that we’re awake, this is crucial.

The exact intricacies of how batteries receive and store power is a complex process, but key to it is the electric current that flows from your high voltage charging port to your low voltage battery.

There are a couple of processes that manufacturers can adopt in order to speed this process up, such as simply increasing the charging voltage. In order to improve efficiency and safety without compromising on speed, however, Huawei has opted to use a lower voltage and a higher current for its SuperCharge tech.

Avoiding the inefficiencies of some rivals, Huawei’s approach uses a low-charging solution of 5V/4.5A and up to 22.5W of power, which means you can see a full day’s power added to your phone after a half an hour plugged in to the mains. There’s more to SuperCharge than simply decreasing charge times though. The following three elements are all crucial to making this the ultimate fast charging technology.

Huawei SuperCharge


What’s brawn without brains? When it comes to fast charging, nothing. This is exactly why Huawei has equipped its SuperCharge-packing smartphones with a range of capabilities that possess the ability to further enhance its power-savvy credentials. These include the ability for the phone to recognise the exact conditions under which the battery is operating.

While the phone’s ability to understand how fast its battery is taking on juice, the current and voltage input levels and even the temperature it’s operating at might not sound crucial, it’s all integral to squeezing out the optimum performance.

By closely monitoring these key points, the phone is able to intelligently switch charging modes and maximise charging speeds each and every time your phone is plugged in. This is especially important for all those times you realise you’ve forgotten your charger and need to borrow a mate’s. That’s because Huawei’s SuperCharge-equipped handsets also support the company’s Smart Charging Protocol.

This gives Huawei’s handsets the ability to detect and utilise different fast charging technologies such as high-voltage low-current charging, Huawei’s Fast Charge Protocol of 9V/2A (FCP) and the industry standard USB Power Delivery. By giving your phone direct communication with the charge, it can identify the load capacity of the charger and cable and eke out the fastest, safe levels possible.

Want more? Well, SuperCharge-enhanced Huawei phones also support faster in-car charging, perfect for those of you constantly on the move.


If there’s one thing that kills battery life more than any other, it’s temperature. If your phone’s running hot, it’s less efficient and will churn through its limited power supply in double the time. Given that fast chargers typically generate more heat than conventional charges due to their high current output, this can be problematic. Huawei, however, does things slightly differently.

Utilising specialised electrical components optimised to handle higher currents, the likes of the Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei P10 can keep core temperatures low while still making use of unrivalled fast charging capabilities.

Lining up a full 5-degrees Celsius cooler than many rival handsets after 30 minutes of charging, SuperCharge phones also boast a bespoke eight-layer cooling system to further help phones from overheating and make your phone’s time on charge as efficient and effective as possible.


Speed is nothing without safety, and as we’ve seen recently, when battery safety isn’t taken seriously, the consequences can be devastating. With every new smartphone’s battery undergoing a year’s worth of testing, however, Huawei puts safety at the fore of any device equipped with its SuperCharge technology.

Huawei has passed all major security certifications, and it also tests against all major global standards. All batteries are subjected to rigorous testing too, with Huawei conducting 10 reliability tests, protecting against everything from short circuits to extreme temperatures.

Combine all this together, and you’ve got a phone that thanks to some clever charging tech is more useful and more fitting with the daily demands of your life.